The Blackboard mobile learning platform is an extension of the Blackboard teaching management platform. Teachers can use mobile smart terminals to publish different teaching materials, organize rich teaching activities, post assignments and tests, and push terminal message notifications according to their teaching plans. Students obtain learning resources in the way they want and are accustomed to, and participate in teaching activities and exchanges anytime, anywhere.

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Product Highlights

  • Modern, simple and intuitive mobile learning experience
  • Meet the needs of students' personalized mobile learning
  • Mobile learning environment anytime, anywhere
  • Promote student interaction and communication
  • Focus on roles and focus on student learning applications

Roll call

Teachers use the Bb WeChat platform for instant roll-calls, and the time-consuming roll-ups can be completed in a short time, leaving more time for classroom teaching.



Teachers can post single-choice or multiple-choice questions at any time during the course of teaching, and examine students' understanding of knowledge in real time.



Teachers can collect and understand students' feedback in time in the classroom to help them adjust teaching progress and content.

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